My Valentine


I'm a sucker for all things sweet and heart-shaped. I spend hours, weeks ahead of February 14th, searching for just the right books that speak to my grandchildren's hearts, [...]

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Kissin Kuzins


“Tonight” must have been the word my mother whispered over the party line shared with her sister Helen. Nine months later, they both gave birth to their first born: [...]

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Stash or Trash


I seethe with envy when I go to my friends’ houses and see sparkling, uncluttered counter tops. I secretly look for their “pile of papers”– checking under the sink [...]

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Letter to Beau


My dearest Beau, You are not even two days old and already you have wriggled your way deep into my heart. Quite a feat considering I haven't even met you [...]

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Hello, World!


I’m testing the waters to see if you’re out there, feeling adrift, as I often do: the empty nesters whose umbilical cords–although severed long ago–stretch to New York or [...]

Hello, World!2019-08-06T13:03:54+00:00
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