Remember when I said it’s hard for me to de-clutter? Well, I was making a valiant attempt at discarding old boxes of files the other day, when a lone white envelope slipped out as if calling to me. The envelope was so thin, I broke my nail trying to lift it from the uneven boards on our attic floor. As I opened it, I realized I had found a family treasure: A clipping from the former St. Louis Globe-Democrat, featuring an article written by my father-in-law, Harold Koplar, just one year before his untimely death in ’85.

When I turned the envelope over, I saw that it had been sent to me by my own father, Harold Scanlon (yes, my father and father-in-law had the same first names!), whose thoughtfulness extended well beyond Valentine’s Day (“My Valentine”). Below, you will see my father-in-law’s reason for writing it, as you follow him down “Memory Lane.”

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harold berger column

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cervantes and koplar

Carmen and Mayor A.J. Cervantes with Harold Koplar

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Ted and Bob with Stan Musial

Ted and his brother Bob with Stan Musial

harold and susan

Harold Koplar and daughter Susan

ted and nancy

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The Koplar Kids circa 1984 (sans Kevin who was born in 1988)